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Pairing: skrillmau5

Rating: G

Length: very short

Warnings: none

Short Description: Sonny and Joel surprisingly bump into eachother in a foreign city after not having contact for months. Sonny reflects on it in an interview.

Author: kapstern

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peroxiding replied to your post: I see a handful of stories and a bunch of prompts…

eyyy this blog is back. have you considered adding more admins?

Actually yes, I’ve been talking to my friend about it but I’ve got a certain way I format all the stories so I have to teach her how to do that first before she can take over. Working on it though!

Some funny but fluffy Dillon x Hugo? I'm begging you.



Pairing: GaRob (Gareth/Rob)

Rating: explicit

Length: short i guess

Warnings: noncon, unsafe sex, language

Description: I wrote this thing in someone’s askbox and I’m sending it here too because yolo also the garob tag is dead. demonhunter!rob x demon!gareth because i’m digging this whole demon au thing. This whole thing is rob abuse, read at your own risk.

Author: a lovely anon

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What about portgo (porter/hugo (madeon))?


gaaaaarrobbbbbbb please someone there is not a whole lot of it


Just got one posted!

I see a handful of stories and a bunch of prompts in my inbox, so I’ll get these things on queue for you all! Sorry for being such a crappy blog leader you all, but as I said in a previous ask, I’m a senior in college now and besides school, I’m balancing a social life and possibly even a job soon, so you know, life’s hectic!

Porton, skrillmau5, or dillion please?


is this blog dead?


Yeah, it is a bit, to be honest. It’s hard to keep up with multiple blogs, especially being a senior in college. I tried to revive it a while back with contests but I would either get 1 entry or none. Kinda sucks. I’d love ideas to revive it though!

Porton? :c


Everyone loves them some Porton, huh? ^_^